3rd International Symposium on Innovations in Plant and Food Sciences




Haifeng Wang/王海峰

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant DNA methylation under biotic and abiotic stress;

· Environmental genomics and pathogen resistance of plants

· Epigenetic modification and its influence on differentiation of homology genes


Yuanyuan Song /宋圆圆

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University


Research Interest(s)

· Crop science;

· Plant resistances to insect and pathogen

· Plant-insect-microbe interactions


Qiang Li/李强

Huazhong Agricultural University/University of Saskatchewan


Research Interest(s)

· Plant resistance to abiotic stress;

· Lipid metabolism


Rui Xia/夏瑞

Huanan Agricultural University


Research Interest(s)

· The functional and metabolic pathways of small RNAs, such as miRNA, siRNA, and other non-coding RNAs, as well as the important regulatory pathways in plant fruit and fruit development 


Deshu Lin/林德书

Huanan Agricultural University


Research Interest(s):

· Petal conical cell morphogenesis;

· Petal growth and shape

Tianyong Zhao/赵天永
Northwest A&F University

Research Interest(s):
· Maize abiotic stress tolerance.
· Maize seed vigor.



Yingang Hu/胡银岗

Northwest A&F University


Research Area(s)

·Genetic breeding of wheat,

·Mechanism of drought tolerance in wheat

Meng Zhang/张猛

Northwest A&F University


Research Area(s)

·Lipid metabolism in plant

·Genetic engineering of oil crops



Dongwei Guo/郭东伟

Northwest A&F University


Research Area(s)

·Crop breeding

·Cell engineering

·Starch synthesis in plant


Jun Hu/胡骏

Wuhan University


Research Interest(s)

· Studies on functional genomics, molecular genetics and genetic engineering of rice


Kai Wang/王凯

Fujian A&F University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant epigenetics;

· Plant centromere structure and evolution;

· Plant molecular cytogenetics. 


Jisen Zhang/张积森

Fujian A&F University


Research Interest(s)

· Genome evolution of sugarcane genus, genomic basis of excellent resources, and research on molecular assisted breeding technology.

· The genomics and molecular mechanisms of sugar metabolism, biomass formation, C4 photosynthetic pathway and drought resistance of sugarcane.


Shuang Wu/吴双

Fujian A&F University


Research Interest(s)

· Molecular basis of plant stem cell division and differentiation

· Systematic biological study on the regulation of intercellular signal communication on plant development

· The cellular and molecular mechanism regulated by nutrient absorption in plant roots

· Rsearch on the metabolomics of horticultural crops and improvement of gene engineering


Tongda Xu/徐通达

Fujian A&F University


Research Interest(s)

· Regulation mechanism of auxin on cell division pattern;

· Molecular mechanism of signal pathway coupling regulation between auxin cell membrane and nucleus;

· Agricultural application of plant auxin regulation.


Baomin Feng/冯保民

Fujian A&F University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant natural immune system;

· ARylation and molecular mechanism in plant-pathogen interactions



M. Nurul Islam

Dhaka University


Research Interest(s)

· Molecular Characterization of ToLCV resistant local tomato lines

· Development of genetic transformation compatible regenration protocol for local chili variety in Bangladesh


Zabed Hossain

Dhaka University


Research Area(s)

· Interactions of plants with environment

· Plants’ response to abiotic stress (salinity, drought, arsenic)

· Plant microbe interactions (legume-rhizobia-abiotic stress)

· Eco-physiology of plants

· Adaptation mechanisms of plant


Abdul Karim

Dhaka University


Research Interest(s)

· Improvement of water pollution by indigenous bacteria


Zeba I. Seraj

Dhaka University


Research Interest(s)

· Physiology and Molecular Biology of salt tolerance, with emphasis on rice (glycophyte) as well as halophytes (salt-loving); transporters involved in excretion of salt outside leaf, DNA-marker-assisted high throughput selection to aid breeding and genetic transformation for producing salt tolerant high yielding rice. Use of rice as a delivery system for vaccines and other proteins.


Sabrina M. Elias

Independent University, Bangladesh 


Research Interest(s)

· Finding the mechanism of salt tolerance of rice landrace Horkuch through Next Generation Sequencing technology

· Contained trials of helicase rice lines at BRRI


Kazi Shakhawath Hossain

Jagannath University


Research Interest(s)

· Silver nanoparticle production potentiality of molds

· DNA barcoding of the selected fungi

· DNA sequence based species Identification


Jamilur Rahman

Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University


Research Interest(s)

His researches mainly focus on Crop improvement associated with yield, quality and biotic & abiotic stress-adaptation of plants. Molecular biology, Genomics and conventional Plant Breeding & Tissue Culture approaches are used to address the research questions and to test the research hypotheses.



ABM Md. Khademul Islam

Dhaka University


Research Interest(s)








Phyllis Shand

University of Saskatchewan


Research Area(s)

· Quality and processsing of meat and meat products

· Protein functionality and gelation

· Utilization of pulses in meat processing

Research Interest(s)

· Rheological properties of meat protein gels

· Protein functionality in muscle foods (pork, beef, poultry)

· Postmortem tenderization strategies, with emphasis on mature beef

· Value-added processing of meats

· Quality and processing of PSE pork and poultry

· Efficacy of pulses and barley in meat systems

· Effects of transportation on poultry meat quality



Yongfeng Ai

University of Saskatchewan


Research Area(s)

· Carbohydrate quality and utilization

· Dietary fiber

· Crop quality and processing

Research Interest(s)

The primary goal of our research program is to promote value-added utilization of carbohydrates in foods, feed and bioproducts. Specific research areas include:

· Relationships between structure, functional properties and enzymatic hydrolysis of starch

· Chemical, physical and enzymatic modifications of starch and other carbohydrates

· Development of resistant starch and other dietary fibers for food applications

· Development of value-added products from pulses and cereal grains



Takuji Tanaka

University of Saskatchewan


Research Area(s)

· Enzyme structure-function relationship studies

· Enzyme utilization in food and bioproduct processing


Hong Wang

University of Saskatchewan


Research Area(s)

· Cell cycle control and plant development

· DNA repair

· Protein ubiquitylation

· Female gametophyte development

Karen Tanino

University of Saskatchewan


Research Area(s)

· Plant abiotic stress physiology

· Eco-physiology

· Interactions of plants with the environment

Research Interest(s)

· Her specialization is plant abiotic stress physiology, eco-physiology and the interactions of plants with the environment. Her research interests include the influence of temperature and water on vegetative bud dormancy and cold hardiness in woody plants; acclimation and cold stress responses on a single cell level using FTIR-synchrotron technology; salt and drought stress resistance in potato; Northern vigour (latitudinal) responses in horticulture crops; eco-physiology of plant adaptation to environmental stress.


Balakrishnan Prithiviraj

Dalhousie University


Research Interest(s)

· Marine Bioproducts to Improve Plant, Animal and Human Health

· Plant Biostimulants – Discovery and Molecular Mode of Action

· Molecular Plant Root-Microbe Interaction

· Plant Disease Mangement


Julia Chekanova

University of Missouri at Kansas City


Research Interest(s)

· Research efforts in the laboratory are directed towards developing a deeper understanding of various cellular RNA transactions, primarily using two model systems - bakers yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana.






Ryuji Ishikawa

Hirosaki University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant Genetics and Breeding;

· Functional genomics of rice genes


Katsunori Hatakeyama

Iwate University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant Genetics and Breeding;

· Molecular genetics and breeding studies on agronomic traits in crops


Weiguo Cheng

Yamagata University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant Nutrition and Soil Science;

· Studies on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in plant-soil ecosystems with global change


Masao Miyazaki

Iwate University


Research Interest(s)

· Biochemistry;

· Research on olfactory systems controlling innate behavior in mammals

Takako Aboshi

Yamagata University


Research Interest(s)

· Bioorganic chemistry;

· Researches on chemical substances regulating the interaction between plants and insects

Matsuo Uemura

Iwate University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant Physiology;

· Physiological and molecular biological studies on cold adaptation in plants

Abidur Rahman,

Iwate University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant Molecular Physiology;

· Molecular regulation of plant hormones during growth and development


Arifa Ahamed Rahman

Iwate University


Research Interest(s)

· Plant Physiology;

· Role of Aquaporins during cold acclimation and freezing tolerance

Akira Oikawa

Yamagata University


Research Interest(s)

· Metabolic Biochemistry;

· Physiological and Biochemical studies of metabolism



Chunhong Yuan

Iwate University


Research Interest(s)

· Fisheries food Science;

· Theoretical and applied studies on seafood processing and storage ofr high qualit